Police Surveillance
Crime Point helps law enforcement agencies gather critical intelligence and investigate crimes more safely, cost-efficiently and successfully with cutting edge, turn-key surveillance vehicles, video systems and customizable components -- all specifically engineered for the rigorous and unpredictable nature of police surveillance.

  Keep ahead of your suspects with innovative, outside-the-box designs, harnessing the latest network video technologies.

•  Achieve the ultimate in concealability with our exclusive, fully integrated IP front-tilt cameras and ruggedized recording solutions.

•  Make the most out of agency resources with our multi-function IP Complete® line of mobile video equipment and police surveillance vehicles.



Cameras & Recorders Do you need a surveillance vehicle with the latest IP technology for manned or remote operation?  
looking for network video Are you looking for concealable network video surveillance systems that employ a full range of wired and wireless connectivity modalities?
Cameras & Recorders Do you need ruggedized pan/tilts, boards,  DVRs and other specialized components for making your own systems?   
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Introducing for 2016:  
New Covert Video Systems

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