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Crime Point is the manufacturer of IP Complete®  Surveillance Vehicle Technology, which allows operators full control of all surveillance functions via one super-simple user dashboard, whether in the vehicle or via any Internet-enabled device.
   Rather than merely adapt technology from other industries, Crime Point engineers its electronics from circuit board to software for the unique demands of the law enforcement environment. 
Crime Point introduced IP technology to the surveillance van market in 2006 with the nation's first fully Internet-controlled vehicle.  The next year, the company introduced the first IP conversion kit for  covert 360º camera systems.   Crime Point’s streamlined surveillance vehicles are designed to operate as effectively remotely as manned, for ultimate flexibility, safety and return on investment.

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Crime Point's IP Complete® Surveillance Vehicle product line includes:
Dedicated, full-size surveillance vans – standard or customized models
Modular SUV & minivan packages   
Surveillance vehicle upgrades and accessories – complete/partial upgrades or individual components for agency integration
Portable network video surveillance systems – engineered for vehicle-based deployment
Our vehicle division also includes custom vehicles for specialized law enforcement applications.
GSA# GS-07F-0053X 
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