Surveillance Vans

Surveillance Van stock photo
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Crime Point has led the surveillance van industry with the IP COMPLETE® line of Surveillance Vehicles for over a decade, giving police investigators the edge with powerful, versatile platforms for intelligence and evidence-gathering, whether manned or unmanned. Crime Point manufactures video equipment specifically designed for police surveillance vans that is fully integrated, reliable and easy to operate -- designed for real cops in the real world.

Crime Point is an innovator, not merely an integrator, having introduced IP technology to the surveillance van market with the nation’s first Internet-controlled surveillance vehicle. The first IP converter for covert 360º camera systems. The first 12-volt air conditioner for surveillance vans. The first PTZ camera engineered exclusively for covert law enforcement. The first simple user dashboard for complete system operation via computer or mobile device. The first power management system with single-switch economy mode and remote monitoring. Crime Point’s streamlined surveillance vehicles are designed to operate as effectively remotely as manned, for ultimate flexibility, safety and return on investment.